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Wartrace Border Terrier OF THE MONTH

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This picture of Wartrace Bodhi
These are a few of my favorite photographs made in the NATURAL


Below Mike And Peggy Coleman from Bonita Springs Fla Picked up this little Wartrace Roy Mt. -Wartrace Spider female puppy
WARTRACE SOPHIE COLEMAN... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wartrace Ruby Two Shoes ...Group ( All Terriers)placement after winning BEST OF BORDER BREED Class>>>>

Like I've said many times ..SHOWING is MOSTLY for PEOPLE.....the dogs dont care..theyd rather be out in the field working(OR sitting at home by the fire). But I'd be lying if I said I wasnt proud of this fine individual that is undefeated( by a Border) .This girl is going places...I just hope one day she'll get a chance to do some ground work. Be  sure to pull the picture over so you can get a look at her.....Shes'by WARTRACE ROY MONTANA out of a female by POACHER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wartrace Titan 2019
Wartrace Komegan & Wartrace Bullet..NATURAL COAT NO GROOMING...owned by Henry Johnson Viola Tn.
The terriers on the left are owned by my good friend Henry Johnson...Bullet is by Wartrace Roy Montana. Komegan is by Wartrace Poacher both out of two of my females. These are examples of what we are trying to do here...Henry & I both like the NO groom coats on these two.
Wartrace babys soakin up the rays >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<< Left Wartrace Bailey
Rosemary Kilpatricks HENRY with a friend Henry lives in N.C. -- >
Another shot of Henry Johnsons' Wartrace Komegan>>
Wartrace Doolie
Sept -08 Jack & Julie Ramsden.... English folk living in the U.S. picked Wartrace Ronnie. They said they wanted English working stock not American Show dogs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jack and Julie have a beautiful place in the Mts of Montana..this pup will get to do(HUNT) what I wish every puppy I raise could experience. This is the second WORKING Terrier they have purchased from me. Great Dog folks a pleasure to know and deal with.