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Our Kennel In Wartrace Tennessee

 I have been breeding WORKING Borders off and on for about 30 years. The kennel building has an office,bathroom and two other heated rooms for whelping and other various things.It sets on a hill surrounded by trees and is very shady and cool in the summer.The pens are concrete and cleaned daily.Pups are socialized but not whelped in my house under my bed We raise HUNTING DOGS in the KENNEL. Most of our pups do go to pet homes ..but HUNTING dogs are what Im into.

PLEASE think about this....Dogs do not want to be your surrogate infant.They do not need to be dressed up in clothes and rocked to sleep..they want to be your hunting companion...your packmate..dogs are animals...they dont want to be your kid.Just MY thoughts.

BELOW is link to a website from some of our pleased customers

I am NOT in competition with American Show Breeders.Do not belong to any Border Terrier clubs or CLICKS. I see no reason to let a few little ole Bittys run my operation.HA!

My intentions are to raise top quality ENGLISH bred Border Terriers for companions and/or HUNTING. I am NOT involved in SHOWING and have NO interest in dealing with the politics and practices of the Show world.So far I have NO American bloodlines in my Borders.We have not seen problems(?)that THEY say are in American bloodlines. 

One of my main concerns is... WHAT WILL BECOME OF THIS WONDERFUL TERRIER IF SHOWING REMAINS THE MAIN GOAL FOR BORDER BREEDERS IN THIS COUNTRY?Think about it ...seems the FIRST thing you hear is how many ribbons and points they have won...Lets keep them out in the field WORKING ,playing and being healthly,happy dogs. They(THE DOGS) dont care one thing about  Showrings,ribbons & points.Ribbons & Points only help to boost peoples egos!
This is from WWW.TERRIMAN.COM Website ...A MUST read for sane folks....Dogs do not care about ribbons, pedigrees, titles, and points. These are human obsessions. The reason a human will drive several hundred miles and stand around all day waiting for 10 minutes in the ring is not because of the dog, but because the human needs that ribbon, that title, and that little bit of extra status that comes from a win. Amen to that Terrier Man!

This link is a MUST for American Working terrier
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